I’m feeling pret fucking fantastic right now. I’m not only meeting goals, I’m shattering them. Effortlessly. I didn’t realize how much I doubted myself until I sat down one day and said, “holy shit, I finished everything and have time to spare.” I’m kicking ass in my four classes, managing my homework, I’m going to yoga everyday p, three of which are sculpt classes that absolutely kick my ass. I’m vegan right now, cooking up ALL of my meals and evening inserting lots of raw stuff now.

I start yoga teacher training next week, another thing that I always wanted but never actually thought I’d do. But I AM. And I was INVITED to do it!

For the first time in my life I don’t feel like I need to hunt for a man. I’m so content with my work and yoga and food that I not only don’t have time, but am happy this way!

How the hell did I do it?

Honestly I have to blame for the constant motivation in the fitness section. My fucking amazing and inspiring friends who constantly amaze me with their hard work, talent and steadfast personalities.

I’m just,amazed. I’m getting shit done, and then kicking more ass.

You know I have never been so muscular in my whole life. And now the weight is starting to melt off… I look at the pictures of the “body I want” and the only thinga I can think now is, “holy shit, I’m on my way, I’m going to do it”

I’m at a loss.