Gosh. I really need to read that chapter. I’ve never had such an easy, unstimulating, and challenging (because of boredom) semester. It makes it difficult to want to do anything. And it’s the last semester. I fight between wanting to crush it, and to not give a shit. Eh. It’ll probably work out just between the two. It shouldn’t take much to ace it, really.

Work. The money is great, but god damn it’s stressful. I think it will be better when patio is for sure closed… But I hear that winter is their “busy season”. How has it not been their busy season?! Is it possible to work at a place that’s too busy? Hah… What a stupid complaint, I guess..

I feel like I should have more words… Like, I do, somewhere. I want to write more, type more… I don’t know.

More coffee needed.